How to commission a painting

A number of my still life food paintings and general Dutch still life paintings are commissioned.  I love to work with clients who wish to commission a painting, as it means I can work closely with the client to decide on the subject matter, size of painting and where they plan to hang it. The finished painting often contains something very personal for the client.

I also work with art consultants.

If you have a space within your kitchen, dining room, library or other space where you would like to have a unique Dutch still life painting to admire, or if you wish to make a gift to a loved one please contact me to discuss how I can help.

The process of commissioning a painting

Subject matter, size, surface (support), price etc and ‘feel’ of the painting are discussed after which I prepare sketches for review and feedback. Once the design(s) have been approved I start painting, sending regular updates. I like to, when sending updates, explain my process and techniques to provide insight in the centuries’-old classical painting methods I use. When complete, the painting is shipped or hand-delivered. For a price list, please enquire here.