Culinary still life by Tanja Moderscheim

Two quince fruit on a silver platter

Oil on fine linen, 40cm x 25cm

Original painting sold
(Framed) mounted limited edition Giclée prints available

I wanted this painting to be all about describing quince fruit and silver. I tried to paint what quince fruit feels like- leathery skin, knobbly shape, brilliant yellow and matt reflections. Whilst painting I imagined holding and feeling the fruit and the platter, at the same time looking at it sitting in front of me; quite a surreal experience.. I kept the focus on the platter and fruit by not suggesting any structured background or table, so it’s just about the beauty of the quince and the silver. I also wanted the fruit to sit comfortably on the platter, so the shadow work was quite important.

Alfie from Lays of Chelsea, New Covent Garden Market in London, kindly gave me a big discount on the 10 quince fruit I bought- you can never have enough material when playing with a still life!