Tanja Möderscheim

Dutch oil paintings

17th C classical technique and pigments

Refined and elegant oil paintings

directly from the artist

Dutch fine artist Tanja Moderscheim (PhD, SBA Fellow; London) offers refined and elegant oil paintings in a classical style. Her work is executed entirely using the techniques and pigments of 17th century Holland. Close attention to detail and anatomy, nurtured by her background in science, is a nod to the interest in naturalism during the Dutch Golden Age. Examples include paintings of heritage tulips, fruit, Delft Blue, and game still life. Additional exclusivity is offered through bespoke Dutch Golden Age replica frames.

Tanja divides her time between painting commissioned pieces, painting for exhibitions and free work. In addition, she explores cultural and culinary heritage through projects:

Her cultural heritage project focuses on tulips from Dutch 16th to 19th Century genetic stocks. She sources the bulbs from the gene bank Hortus Bulborum in Holland and grows these in her garden, resulting in annual series of tulip oil paintings. Go to the tulip page to read more about this project. The Delft Blue tableware paintings and paintings of Roman archaeological artifacts are also part of this heritage work.

Artisans and their local food produce are celebrated in culinary heritage paintings. As part of this she collaborates with British and French artisans, and in 2016 profiled the produce of BBC Food and Farming Awards finalists. Paintings of Provençal market produce will follow in 2021 in the village of St Saturnin lès Apt. In addition, Tanja’s game still lifes explore game birds traditionally reserved for the aristocracy during the Dutch Golden Age.

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