Tanja Möderscheim

Dutch still life paintings

17th C classical technique and pigments

Refined and elegant oil paintings

directly from the artist

Dutch fine artist Tanja Moderscheim (London) offers refined and elegant still life paintings in a classical style. Her work is executed entirely using the techniques and pigments of 17th century Holland. The paintings are set in simple black lacquered wood frames, or for a more exclusive finish, bespoke Golden Age replica frames or hand-selected antique period frames.

The artist specialises in Dutch heritage tulips, fruit and produce, Delft Blue, and Game still life. Close attention to detail and anatomy, nurtured by her background in the biological sciences, is a nod to the increased interest in naturalism during the Dutch Golden Age.

Tanja is a fellow member of the Society of Botanical Artists, UK.

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On the easel, March 2021

On the easel by Tanja Moderscheim