Dutch 17th to 19th C tulips by Tanja Moderscheim

Dutch paintings

Two quince fruit on a silver platter by Tanja Moderscheim

Still life

17th century Haarlem faience plates by Tanja Moderscheim

Culinary heritage

Cultural heritage

Lobster by Tanja Moderscheim

Classical technique and style

Three Figs by Tanja Moderscheim

Attention to Detail

Haarlem faience plate with artichoke by Tanja Moderscheim


Dutch still life and culinary paintings using classical technique, by London-based artist Tanja Möderscheim

Historical tulip bouquet by Tanja Moderscheim

Tanja Möderscheim is a Dutch painter based in London. She works in a classical style using traditional technique. Her close attention to detail and anatomy, nurtured by her background in science, is a nod to the interest in taxonomy during the Dutch Golden Age. Her still life paintings are simple and calm.

She divides her time between painting commissioned pieces, painting for exhibitions and working on ongoing projects: cultural and culinary heritage.

Her cultural heritage project focuses on Dutch historical tulips from the 16th to 19th centuries. She sources the bulbs from the gene bank Hortus Bulborum in Holland and grows these in her garden, resulting in annual series of tulip paintings. Go to the tulip page to read more about this project.

Her culinary heritage project is about celebrating artisan and local food produce; she brings out the best of the artisans’ products in her paintings. As part of this she collaborated with the BBC Food and Farming Awards and is currently working with chef Lise of Bon Fond, painting the produce of French artisans. The latter collaboration has resulted in an exhibition planned for 23 September at La Grande Rencontre Annuelle, College Culinaire de France, in Paris. Read more about this project on the Culinary heritage project page.

Other series of paintings focus on Delft Blue tableware and Roman archaeological artifacts.

Key exhibitions include the Mall Galleries, London (RBA, SWA, SBA) and Affordable Art Fair (Otomys Gallery).

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Paintings currently for sale: available paintings.

For enquiries including commissions or just to have a chat please email dutchoilsartist@gmail.com.

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Tulips may only flower in April to May but it’s always tulip painting season in the studio. Ideally using live flowers during the flowering season, but later in the year using her photo library, Tanja’s paintings feature Dutch heirloom tulips spanning the 16th to the 19th centuries. She grows the tulips from bulbs sourced from the gene bank Hortus Bulborum, Holland.

One tulip painting has been selected for exhibition with the Society of Botanical Artists, Mall Galleries London. The exhibition will run from 5-9 June 2019.

Read more about the historical Dutch tulip project here.

Dutch 17th to 19th C tulips by Tanja Moderscheim

Dutch 17th to 19th C tulips, oil on fine linen, 40cm x 30cm

ZilverStandaard_Keizerskroon detail by Tanja Moderscheim

Dutch 17th to 19th C tulips (detail), oil on fine linen, 40cm x 30cm

single zilver standaard heritage tulips by Tanja Moderscheim

a pair of Zilver Standaard paintings (1760), oil on wood, 11cm x 18cm

In the next chapter of her culinary heritage project, Tanja has been collaborating with chefs Lise and Eric of BonFond. Lise and Eric travel to ‘discover the abundance of France through sustainable farming and French savoir-faire’. As a celebration of the artisans they meet, a new series of oil paintings showcases their produce, starting with Breton pig from Charcuterie Hélibert, a top-20 charcutier in France. Other paintings include southern French pastries, Mount St Michel Bay oysters, Corsican chicken and Loire Valley vegetables. Below is a detail of the progress of the first painting, Charcuterie Hélibert. Read more about this project on the Culinary heritage project page.

News: the French artisan paintings will be exhibited at La Grande Rencontre Annuelle of the College Culinaire de France, in Paris on the 23rd September 2019.

Sharpening Steel Olivier Helibert

Olivier Hélibert’s Sharpening steel, in progress, detail

Charcuterie Helibert, Bon Fond by Tanja Moderscheim

Breton ham, Olivier Hélibert, 40cm x 60cm

Below is the first painting in a new series featuring Roman pottery: two black slip ware bowls dating to the second century AD. These bowls were produced in north-west Europe.

Black slipware bowls 2nc C AD

Black slip ware bowls, 2nd century AD, oil on fine linen, 40cm x 40cm

For available works see the list of currently available paintings.

Upcoming Exhibitions

Society of Botanical Artists, Mall Galleries, 5-9 June, London
The Game Fair, 26-28 July, Hatfield House, Hertfordshire
Royal Opera Arcade Gallery, 9-20 September, Pall Mall London
La Grande Rencontre Annuelle, 23 September, College Culinaire de France, Paris
Roy’s Art Fair, 3-6 October, Truman Brewery London
CountryLiving Christmas Fair, 13-17 November, Islington London


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