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A visit to 2nd century Europe

See what I’ve been up to in my latest art newsletter – a painting of Roman-era pottery: https://mailchi.mp/81e490ed3fe6/newsletter_tanjamoderscheimartnews   Black slip ware bowls, 2nd Century AD Oil on fine linen, 40cm x 40cm

The heritage tulip painting project

Heritage tulip painting project Dutch heritage tulips, 16th to 19th C I’ve always had a thing for history and heritage. Being a Dutch expat in the United Kingdom (yes, don’t mention Brexit), I’ve long wanted to paint tulips and ideally tulips that were fashionable in 17th-century Holland, when we were even more under the spell […]


Dutch artist Tanja Moderscheim paints 9 finalists of the 2016 BBC Food & Farming Awards On the 28th of April 2016 the BBC4 Food Programme held their annual Food & Farming Awards. The Award’s mission is “to honour those who have done most to promote the cause of good food” (source: BBC Food and Farming […]