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New paintings for the Christmas Season

New paintings for the Christmas Season It’s a bit strange thinking of and planning ahead for Christmas during the hot hot summer we’ve been having in London. However, I’m planning to offer a great many small, easy-to-take-away original oil paintings at the Country Living Christmas Fair (7-11 November, Islington, London) and the Mayfair Christmas Market […]

The heritage tulip painting project

Heritage tulip painting project Dutch heritage tulips, 16th to 19th C I’ve always had a thing for history and heritage. Being a Dutch expat in the United Kingdom (yes, don’t mention Brexit), I’ve long wanted to paint tulips and ideally tulips that were fashionable in 17th-century Holland, when we were even more under the spell […]

Exhibitions and new paintings / newsletter / February 2018

This newsletter can also be viewed here. February in the Studio: newsletter Welcome to my February 2018 newsletter. I hope you’ve had a great start to the year! I’ve finally found some time to write this much-needed newsletter, being happily snowed under in painting work. I’m currently completing three large and small commissioned paintings of fruits […]

The Tulip: time lapse video

A time lapse video: painting of a parrot tulip This is a short time lapse video of the first painting sessions (1-3) covering the grisaille stage of the tulip painting (10x15cm, oil on wood): pic.twitter.com/cG5Giaq7ZZ Another painting session is needed to finish the grisaille stage, after which the painting can be worked up in colour […]

A painting in progress: a time lapse video

I’ve posted a video of a still life painting in progress. You can see an overview of the following process: Classical painting technique – time lapse video Starting with: a sketch over an imprimatura, a toned, transparent first painting layer; dead-colouring layers (several sessions) work-up in colour (several sessions); glazing and finishing (several sessions). Plums […]

May 2017: How to paint a Delft blue plate

How to paint a Delft blue plate The dead-colouring stage I’m working on a new commission: a painting to go with the Silverware with plums painting the client has bought. The painting features a Delft blue plate and several types of fruit scattered on a relatively undefined surface. I break up the painting process in […]


Dutch artist Tanja Moderscheim paints 9 finalists of the 2016 BBC Food & Farming Awards On the 28th of April 2016 the BBC4 Food Programme held their annual Food & Farming Awards. The Award’s mission is “to honour those who have done most to promote the cause of good food” (source: BBC Food and Farming […]