Showcased below are examples of Tanja Möderscheim’s work, including still life paintings and culinary, game and tulip paintings.

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Dutch 16th -19th century heritage tulips. Oil on fine linen, 76.2x101.6cm (30x40")
Rembrandt tulips >1760 and Fritillaria Meleagris 1573. Oil on fine linen, 25.5x30.5cm (10x12")
Ode to Bosschaert: Zilver Standaard (1760), Duc van Tol Max Cramoisi (1700), Duc van Tol Rood en Geel (1595), Gouden Standaard (1760). Oil on fine linen, 22.8x30.5cm (9x12″)
Quince fruit on a silver platter. OIl on fine linen, 30x40cm
Gold pheasant. Oil on fine linen, 22.9x40.6cm (9x16")
Lobster. Oil on wood, 20x30cm
Oyster. Oil on wood, 10x15cm
Delft blue plates with lemon. Oil on wood, 10x15cm
Lac van Rijn (1620), Keizerskroon (1750) and Duc van tol max cramoisi (1700) on a 17th C Haarlem plate. Oil on wood, 13x18cm
Black and White Rembrandt. Oil on 23ct gold on copper, 10x15cm
17th century faience plates. Oil on fine linen, 50x70cm
Silver Salt and Pepper. Oil on wood, 18x13.5cm
Red legged partridge with falcon hood by Tanja Moderscheim
Wood pigeon with falcon hood. Oil on fine linen, 76.2x101.6cm (30x40")
Ham House ginger jar. Oil on wood, 13x18cm
Black slip ware bowls, 2nd Century AD. Oil on fine linen, 40x40cm
Haarlem faience plate with artichoke. Oil on wood, 40x40cm
Sourdough, DeGustibus Bakery. Oil on wood, 40x40cm
Figs. Oil on wood, 13x18cm
A pair of Zilver Standaard heritage tulips (1760). Oil on wood, 11x18cm