A time lapse video: painting of a parrot tulip

This is a short time lapse video of the first painting sessions (1-3) covering the grisaille stage of the tulip painting (10x15cm, oil on wood):

Another painting session is needed to finish the grisaille stage, after which the painting can be worked up in colour and finally, glazed. I like working on wood as this surface is very smooth and the oil paint provides a beautiful sheen.

The tulip was sourced from Moyses Stevens florist in Chelsea, London.

I’ve posted a video of a still life painting in progress. You can see an overview of the following process:

Classical painting technique – time lapse video

Starting with:

    1. a sketch over an imprimatura, a toned, transparent first painting layer;
    2. dead-colouring layers (several sessions)
    3. work-up in colour (several sessions);
    4. glazing and finishing (several sessions).

Plums on a silver platter, oil on fine linen, 60x40cm.